Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bikini Island

Hot wax, wooden paddles and a stranger in your nether region? Doesn’t sound very sexy to most women, but many swear by the results. A Brazilian bikini wax removes the hair from the entire pubic region, leaving a small patch just above the vaginal area. Many women prefer a Brazilian wax because it gives a clean, close wax and the freedom to wear almost anything or nothing.

Visiting a salon for a Brazilian bikini wax for the first time can be a little unnerving. When you arrive, you'll be taken to the private waxing area, which may be a room or just a portion of the salon blocked off by curtains or a partition. You'll lie on your back on a table covered with clean paper or sheets, with your legs down or your knees up, as you would in the gynecologist's office. You may be provided a paper thong, or you may not. This is because the technician will be taking it all off or just leaving a little runway strip if you choose.
The technician only needs about a quarter-inch of hair for the wax to grab onto and will start by using small scissors to trim down your pubic hair. The technician will then wax away the "triangle" on your mons pubis.

A traditional Brazilian wax includes the labia and the area that reaches up between the cheeks. If there are stray hairs after waxing, the technician may also tweeze the area. The key to allowing wax to penetrate into the follicles (and provide the closest possible wax) is to relax.
Your technician should use a low-temperature or hard wax for the least amount of discomfort. The wax should be the consistency of taffy. The wax is smoothed on over a pre-waxing oil that is applied to your skin as a prep after clipping you pubic hair to keep the wax from sticking to the skin. This allows the wax to be used without strips, making for a much more comfortable experience. As the wax cools, it basically shrink-wraps each hair and pulls it out from the root.

Twist and Shout!

Glamorous? No. Some technicians may take you through a series of contortions in order to get the cleanest results possible. Most likely, your technician will remove stray hairs with a set of tweezers. Your technician may also flip you on your knees and have you spread’em. If there are areas you are not comfortable having waxed (say, between the cheeks) let your technician know. Painful? You bet it is. It can definitely be quite painful the first time, but your pain threshold may rise with subsequent waxings. If your technician is good, he or she will move quickly to minimize the amount of discomfort you may experience. If your technician doesn’t seem to be conscious of your discomfort, speak up and let him or her know. When your technician is done he or she should apply soothing lotion to the waxed area and you should have a perfectly smooth genital region.

You may still experience red bumps and ingrown hairs, just like with shaving. The results will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks, with no maintenance, and there's no shave that can get you this clean and smooth. You have to go ten to fourteen days between wax jobs, so you may have a period of time with a five o'clock shadow.
The procedure can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and can cost from $50 to 85 depending on location; regular bikini waxes can range from $30 to $50. Good and cheap are usually mutually exclusive when it comes to paying for personal services such as waxing. Always try to get the best price but I suggest that you not bargain shop for this procedure. Check to make sure your technician is not using you as a practice run. Ask your technician how many Brazilian waxings he or she does a week. You want someone who is professional and experienced. As always, ensure the facility is clean and reputable.


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