Sunday, April 01, 2007

Retro Rewind

Vive la ‘60s! Pack up the harsh reds, deep maroons and the heavy matte foundation for the fall, soft colors and dewy skin are in for spring and summer. Skin is clean and fresh. A light dab of foundation to even out the skin tone is all you need.

Lips are soft and pretty for the spring and summer. Start by conditioning the skin on your lips with a good balm. Follow up by evening up the tone by prepping your lips with foundation. This will set your lip color for more even, longer lasting color. Finish with a liner that blends with your lip color.

Eyes pop with dramatic color. Use deep, rich pigments for intense color. Line your lids as close as possible to your lash line. The mod look was heavy on the blue eyeshadow, but keep in mind retro style represents flashback, not throwback.

Miles of lashes never go out of style. Use a fiber-filling mascara for extra length and volume. Too Faced Lash Injection is a good choice.

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