Sunday, February 18, 2007

And where would the most fun place to start a beauty blog than with the Barbie Syndrome? We all love Barbie because she comes in all shades and ethnicities, has the most slamming and fierce wardrobe, has her pick from any non-biodegradable dude from Malibu Ken to G.I. Joe (my brother's Mr. T. from the A-Team even dated her for a few hours) and has an ass-kickin' fleet of vehicles and homes from shoe boxes to condos. But, Barbie's darkside: she would be freakishly disproportionate if she were human and would definitely be in the minority.

But, despite all of the warnings and cautionary tales of the Barbie Syndrome and extreme cosmetic surgery (Michael Jackson), there are still countless women and men who will spend more hours recovering from surgeries than they do eating, reading, watching television or for some people, even sleeping, over the course of their lifetime.

I certainly care about how I look and loved Extreme Makeover. Some women (and men) do take the quest for perfection too far (Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Tom Jones). I am an advocate for plastic surgery and am always excited when new products come out that promise to make you slimmer, younger, sexier, toner, sultrier, and every other 'er that embraces looking good. I applaude the advances medical technology and am anxious to give facial rejuvenation a try. But, can you imagine spending countless hours under a surgeon's knife and hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery? At some point, don't you stop looking human and begin looking more like an android?

Cindy Jackson has set the Guinness world record with more than 30 procedures since 1988. She looks great and probably would have looked equally fabulous after the tenth or fifteenth visit, but now with so much 'plastic' I wonder how much of her will actually decompose when she dies. She's beautiful, but she'll never reach Barbie's pinnacle because she'll always be subject to gravity and will always be too biodegradable.

I'm not throwing stones and don't think I'd be hesitant to have someone slice my face open to put it back together better than it was before, but I cannot afford cosmetic surgery of any kind except the one that Avon sells in jars! I'm dying to try some of them. If anyone else has used the Avon products that claim to paralell going under the knife, let me know.

I'd like to see some posts about your experiences with extreme cosmetic surgery. You may help someone.

The Upside is. . .

The majority of us want to look our best, be gorgeous, without our soul being the price tag. There are countless products and procedures available today to force gravity to work a little harder to make us look like our grandmothers before we are ready to.

Today's Hot Beauty Product Pick

Claim: To renew collagen in just 48 hours.

It'sIn just 4 weeks, 82% feel firmer skin, 69% see age spots reduced, 67% experience younger-looking skin.***In Vitro testing shows that production of new collagen begins in 48 hours.**Percentage of women who reported visible improvement in a 4-week consumer test.

This information was obtained from Lancome's website. Who's tried it? Share your thoughts on this product.

M.A.C. loves Barbie, too.

M.A.C. Couture Sheer Mystery Powder

Claim: Mysteriously silky-soft in texture, it glides on to give the skin a velvety matte, slightly luminous and altogether flawless finish to the skin.

One of the best weapons against the effects of aging: a sense of humor! Its fun, its effective, its free!

Please note: Products featured on this blog are for comment and review only. Not for purchase. The comments and reviews on any product listed on this blog is purely the opinion of the poster.

Next Month..Big Lips & Big Butts and Even Skin Tones for the Tone Deaf


Anonymous said...

hai iam deepu from india/kerala/calicut

wish to make freind in blogspot
pls reply to this site

Double Martini said...

Hi and welcome to Venus Exposed! I hope this site will be useful for you. Comment often and share some beauty tips from India.

Anonymous said...

Your information/post are right on target. I'll tell my friends.

ray tucker said...

I see this is alot about fashion. Im well educated about the new make-up and accessories that are hot and in style

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Anonymous said...

I see this is alot about fashion. Im well educated about the new make-up and accessories that are hot and in style

ray tucker

Helen Nichole said...

I read through this the other day.
I thought it was fabulous.
Im a real girly girl when it comes to make-up, so when i saw the advertisement about the Mac Loves Barbie, i had to stop and laugh considering i just bought about 8 items from this collection last week when it started.
The colors are amazing, and very forgiving for the many different shades of us.
And Mac products are phenamenal in the first place.
But i did understand the message behind the posting.
We as women focus so much on the outside fixing this and that, and trying to prevent reality.
Its sad but we do it, i do it.
And i dont see a day were anything will change.