Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Replacements

What’s worse than rummaging through a bulging, slimy, dirty bag with a scary assortment of makeup that has spilled, dried up, and has become downright toxic and teeming with all sorts of things you hope no one will ever see? Rummaging through it on a regular basis for that perfect shade of plum lipstick.

If you have makeup in your bag that has celebrated its 5th birthday before your eldest child, it’s time for a serious makeup make over. You’re not only hauling around makeup that has long outlived its fashion relevance, you are also dragging around bacteria that can pose potentially serious health risks. . . bulging red eyes from seven year old mascara?. .NOOOT PRETTTTY!!!
First things first, if your bag is gross, a lot of that makeup probably is, too. Toss it out!

Good thing is, you define what a good makeup kit is for you after all, you’re the one that will be using it. But there are some basic elements that that you should have for
Your Ultimate On the Go Kit:
You don’t need to tote the entire palette you use to apply your make up every morning. Think small. Touch up items take up less space.

Here’s the short list:

Blotting paper – absorbs the oil on your skin to make your makeup look freshly applied
Bronzing powder – gives a fresh sun-kissed glow
Loose Powder brush - retractable brushes are compact and sanitary
Lip liner – in a natural, neutral shade
Lip gloss with a hint of color
Brow pencil - in a shade that natural color that matches your facial hair (for fair skinned
women go a little darker)
Mini mascara – Lancome’, Dior, Smashbox

A bag with these essentials will serve you well in a pinch.

Top Tips to Keep it Clean.

1. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Some items last longer than others , but my number one rule is to get rid of old mascara. All makeup is susceptible to germs and bacteria, but mascara is used closest to your eyes which are sensitive and more susceptible to contracting any bacteria your wand may be carrying.

2. Powder. It gets cakey and also carries bacteria.

3. Clean your bag regularly. Turn it inside out, wipe with a clean cloth if it is lined in plastic. Alcohol will kill many of the germs that may be living rent-free in your bag. Since you’re at it, while your bag dries, wipe off and dry your tubes, containers and bottles.

4. For cloth bags, wash in with mild soap and water. You can wash in the gentle cycle of your machine or hand wash.

5. Make sure your makeup caps are screwed on tightly to prevent spills.

When to Part Ways.

Mascara – every three months*.
Loose powder – once a year, or sooner if it starts clumping.
Powder blush – once a year, or sooner if it starts clumping.
Foundation – every six months, or sooner once it starts to smell weird.
Concealer – every six months or sooner once it starts to smell weird.
Liquid eye liner – every six months*.
Powder eye liner – once a year*.
Eye shadow – once a year*.
Lipstick – every two years or sooner if it starts to smell weird or if the color changes.
Lip Gloss - every couple years or sooner if it starts to smell weird or if the color changes.

*if your eyes ever become irritated from using any makeup product, get rid of it!

Here are a few cool alternatives to upgrade to:

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