Friday, March 30, 2007

When the Cream Rises to the Top

I'm pretty new to blogging and as a small fish in an extremely big pond, it takes tremendous effort to capture the attention of an audience on a regular basis when there is such overexposure to so much information available everywhere all the time.

Trying to navigate the internet some days gives you kind of a rush, but more often than not I liken it to pushing an overheated 1978 Ford Pinto with two flat tires and a donut along the lightning fast traffic on the information superhighway.

Anyway, I've always been one to sound the trumpet upon discovering a great new find and one day while schlepping around in the blogosphere, I ran across Afrobella. This woman probably has one of the best blogs I've discovered yet. And yes, I'm plugging her. No, I don't know her. No, this is no ploy to generate traffic but yes I'll admit, I hope to get some traffic as a result.

I am a regular reader of her blog and have yet to not be entertained. Afrobella ia a finely written blog full of up-to-the-minute entertainment news, micro-scale history lessons and, thoughtful journeys through sister and womanhood. The author, Patrice Yursik is well-read and succinct in her commentary. There are posts that will make you smile, make you think and make you angry. Whichever emotion her blog elicits, it is sure to move you. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out in the blogosphere, but when the cream rises to the top, you gotta hold'em up. I encourage you all to visit often.


CHIC NOIR said...

Well you brought me in throught your link to Afrobella, and I am enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

blogging has become a serious business Perez Hilton is making close to a million dollars a year. DAMN!!! I wish I had the time to dedicate to blogging. GOOD LUCK. your blog is cool.