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The Best Fitting Jeans Ever!

Trolling for Jeans that Will Transform Your Figure

Do you know the Muffin man?
Photo courtesy of the Daily News.

Shopping for jeans can be traumatic. Ok, well that might be overstating it a little but it can be a little stressful at the least if you are shaped anything like me. Jeans are the most basic staple in any closet. Jeans are always the solution for ‘what to wear’ and can be dressed up with a silk blouse, jacket and pumps or down with a tee or halter top and flip flops. If you don’t have any jeans, I’ll have to assume you are wearing those polyester blends with the stitched in permacrease and an elastic waist. And if that’s your thing, that’s ok, it’s a look.
But if you want the best fitting jeans ever, you must first consider some basic truths. Some women make the mistake of assuming they can wear whatever they see on someone else or on a mannequin, oblivious to the fact that the fierce outfit they see on a skinny little size 0 may be an unmitigated disaster on them. If you wear an 8, you cannot assume the laws of physics will allow you squeeze into a 2 and if you are determined (or crazy) enough to actually attempt to defy this law, and stuff your size 8 body into a size 2 your depth of denial is so deep that you should never shop alone. If you are wearing jeans or any clothes that are sizes so small that it takes effort for your body to bend and move naturally more often than not you spend a considerable amount of time looking every bit the stuff sausage ready for the grill. The laws of physics were not made to be broken!

Squeezing into too small jeans will not corral the bulge, they will only amplify it. The muffin top or the plumber’s cleavage will never be in style, it’s just not that sexy despite what your boyfriend or husband tells you. If your girlfriend tells you you look good, check the waist of her jeans. If she has a muffin top too, she’s looking for camaraderie, if she doesn’t, she’s either myopic or wants to make sure she looks hotter than you.

You Don’t Have to Settle for ‘They Kinda Fit”

If you’re trying to get it together, there’s hope for you, and me and every one of us wanting to look good in our jeans. Selecting the best jeans for your body is not as easy as putting a pair to your waist in a department store. Picking up a pair in the store, and doing the ‘eye fit’ is hit-or-miss in the best of times. But it is not as complicated as building a spaceship in your basement either. It just takes a little forethought and critical analysis of your shape. All jeans are not created equal.

The Most Common Body Types

There are three common body types that most women fall into: Pear, Hourglass and Boyish. Pear shaped women are bottom heavy and no matter how many leg lifts and squats they do they will always be pear shaped. It’s their genetic makeup. Just like a woman with an hourglass or straight or boyish figure, it can be enhanced through diet and exercise, but your body type will not change. Each of these body types have positives that can shine through the perceived negatives, i.e., my butt is too fat (pear), I can hide behind a ruler (boyish) or I look like a barbell (hourglass). Actually, any woman with an hourglass figure should never complain. Here are some general characteristics for each common body type and the best jean for that shape:

Pear shaped: Narrower upper body, small bust, small shapely waist, ample hips and thighs.
Celebs with similar shapes: Kim Cattrell

Little in the Middle jeans are made by a specialty retailer of figure fitting jeans and pants for women who have a little less in the waist area than they do in the hips. Little in the Middle jeans are a natural fit for pear and hourglass shaped women who desire form, fit and fashion. No more gaps in the back, finally a pair of pants that embrace your waist! $79.00

Hourglass: the most symmetrical body type, ample bust, small shapely waist, hips that are in equal proportion to upper body
Celebs with similar shapes: Janet Jackson, Jennifer Aniston , Halle Berry

Boyish: straight, small bust, narrow waist, narrow hips, less curvy than pear shape and hourglass.
Celebs with similar shapes: Gweneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox

Style: Low Rise, Snug, Boot
Hudson's Signature Boot's classy fit jean has just the right amount of stretch to perfectly hug your curves. Hudson's triangle flap back pockets and slanted trouser style front pockets create a signature look. The white contrast topstitching perfectly compliments the dark Twilight wash. A wider waist band helps to control your mid-section.

People's Liberation Jeans
Tommy Lee Signature Bootcut
Style: Low Rise, Relaxed, Boot
You cannot help but feel like a rock star while wearing People's Liberation Tommy Lee Signature Boot Cut jeans.
These jeans get their rocker edge from abrasion marks and aged detailing running down the legs. The rock and roll look is topped off with and leather logo patch and Tommy Lee's own signature adorning the back pockets. These jeans are limited so get them while you can! Price: $253.00

For all body types:

Style: Mid Rise, Snug, Boot
Say goodbye to tummy trouble with this pair of mid-rise boot cut Worn jeans that hits across the belly.
Worn’s Alder jean is a mid-rise boot cut that fits snuggly through the hip and flatters many body types. Because the mid rise rests two thirds of the way between the hip and the smallest part of the waist, it helps to eliminate the dreaded muffin top, plumber’s butt and love handles that occur when wearing low rise jeans.

Worn jeans are all handcrafted and designed to enhance the female body shape. The dark blue Nocturn wash with a slight green tint creates a vintage looking pair of denim. The golden stitching provides the perfect contrast to the dark blue Nocturn wash. The cotton/spandex blend offers exactly the right amount of stretch in all the right places. A logo patch brands the back waist band and the golden stitching on the back pockets creates a signature vintage style. $84.00

Visit for a wide selection of jeans that fit all body types and more styles and brand names: Lucky Brand, Wrangler 47, Odyn, iT Jeans, Kasil, Frankie B. , Gold Sign, and others.

Basic Elements of a Pair of Bumpin Jeans.
The style of jean is negotiable. Whether boot cut or skinny, low or mid-rise, these 3 basics cannot be compromised if you expect to bump those jeans.

1. Jeans should hug not squeeze your waist. If you can’t put your hand (or a finger) between the small of your back and your waist band, your jeans are too tight.

2. Check the rise. The rise of your jeans should be comfortably seated and not cutting you in half creating the dreaded camel toe nor should it be so low that you can feel your thighs touch together. You should be able to bend, twist and walk comfortably. If the rise is not fitted properly it makes your butt looks like it sags.

3. The length on your jeans is pretty much personal choice but there are still some guidelines. Unless they are cropped, they should pass the ankle. The proper length is to break the crease at the top of the shoe. Since the length or the break is dependent on the shoe type, wear the shoe or a one similar to your jean fitting.

Jeans go into day or night, from the office to the beach. Where ever you go in your jeans, don’t take on the burden of being the crash test dummy for how not to look.

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