Sunday, March 04, 2007

Playing the Field

Ever wear a perfume that smells so great that you get double-takes from almost everyone you walk past? It happens to me just about every time I wear Tiffany. I have been stopped so many times by people asking what I was wearing that I had even started wearing it to the gym (yes, it can even muscle its way through workout funk—now that’s a fragrance!). The scent lasts all day and into the evening and seldom needs freshening up. Tiffany has been my signature fragrance since 1995 when I stumbled across it in what was then Hudson’s Department store (now Macy’s) in suburban Detroit.

Tiffany is now proprietary and only sold offline at the Tiffany Store as far as I know, which is not all bad. I’ve never considered it an inconvenience to have to go to Tiffany’s.

Picking up a fresh scent.

I’m not one who usually messes around with a good thing, but evolution suggests that change is good. So this year I have decided to be a little adventurous and try something new. I’m on a quest to find another perfume to make my own. I don’t think I’ll find anything to replace Tiffany which is my first real love, but I’m ready to fool around a little.

Here are some that I have my sights on and will consider trying over the next two or three months:

The legendary Cartier scent in a new, exotic bottle.• Bright top notes of mandarin and neroli.• Floral middle notes of rose, jasmine, and jonquil.• Vanilla base notes mixed with tonka bean and musk.• 1.6 ounces in a new, exquisite brushed bronze metal casing with an engraved Cartier logo. $190.00

Yosh Omniscent $130.00
Pink pepper gives this scent a light, ethereal quality, yet it's also spicy and robust.

Earth's most precious element, water, is the central theme of L'Eau d'Issey. By blending the sparkling qualities of water with the warm undertones of earth, the fragrance represents purity, serenity, movement, and vivacity—awakening a feeling of total beauty. The fragrance is a pure floral with musky and woody tones, including: • A wide range of floral scents including lotus, cyclamen, freesia, carnations, and white lilies. • Hints of amber-seed musk. 3.3-ounce eau de toilette spray. $84.00

Silver Sleeve ParfumReference no. 168THEO01
Theo Fennell worked closely with expert perfumers to create this bold and sensual fragrance. Theo Fennell Scent is a well-structured classical Chypre-Oriental fragrance that combines primary powerful notes of Saffron, Lily, Rose and Orchid with the rich, spicy floral at the heart of the Scent that gives the fragrance its luxurious sensuality. The light top notes of Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood provide instant impact and an exquisite sparkle. Theo Fennell Scent is a fragrance with potent femininity that is designed to become at one with a woman's skin… The 15ml pure Parfum in the Theo Fennell Scent range sits within a finely crafted silver “cup”, debuting the Theo Fennell Scent Silver Collection. Size: 15mlWorldwide Exclusive to Harrods
PRICE £250.00

Stella McCartney
A fragrance based on the contrast between the freshness and softness of the rose and the dark sensuality of amber. A very sophisticated gesture that emphasizes the intense femininity of the fragrance.• For the top notes, the rose essence fused with peony flower and drops of mandarin essence provide a seductive combination.• For the heart note, the rose absolute reveals a more intense facet.• For the base note, the mystery of amber creates an addictive sensation of sensuality.• .25 ounces. $105.00
I love eye candy! Some of the new fragrances have the most chic packaging that I think it will be difficult to resist making a selection purely on packaging alone. But, the proof will ultimately be in the testing.

If you have to ask the price can’t afford it.

Clive Christian No 1 for Women Pure Perfume
No 1 for Women Pure Perfume. Floral Oriental. "The world's most expensive perfume", created without reference to cost using the finest, rarest, most precious ingredients. Presented in a handmade lead crystal bottle with a single natural white brilliant cut diamond in gold collar. 1 oz. · Top notes: Pineapple, plum, mirabelle, white peach · Heart: Rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, orris, carnation · Base: Vanilla, benjoin balm, tonka seeds, cedarwood


Clive Christian Perfume Set for Women
Perfume Spray Traveller Set for Women. An introduction to the three classic Clive Christian perfumes. The ultimate portable luxury for the perfume devotee. Includes: · No 1 perfume spray, 0.34 oz · 1872 perfume spray in authentic green bottle, 0.34 oz · X perfume Creation spray in black bottle, 0.34 oz


Tom Ford Eyewear Black Orchid Perfume
Evocative of iconic fragrances of the past, this luxurious and sensual fragrance with its rich dark accords and alluring potion of black orchids and sultry woods is both modern and timeless. The exquisite Lalique crystal bottle is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. A glass vial filled with perfume and a gold funnel accompanies the limited edition black bottle. A black velvet pouch completes the presentation.
· Top notes: Black Truffle, Ylang, Bergamot, Black Currant
· Middle notes: Florals, Fruit and Lotus Wood
· Base notes: Noir Gourmand, Patchouli, Incense and Vetiver
· 0.5 oz.


I would go into meltdown if I were ever able to afford to have a bottle of Clive Christian perfume. The bottle is hand-cut crystal, with a diamond set in a 24-karat gold plated collar.

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