Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is This Thing On???

False eyelashes can add drama, mama! The trick to expertly applying false lashes is to take your time so, if you only have ten minutes to dash out the door, dash sans the lashes. The last thing you want to do is look like you’ve been stricken with an acute case of Tammy Faye Syndrome (which can be fatal!) To put them on and keep them on, takes practice. After a few applications, it will get easier and soon you’ll be able to put them on with your eyes closed.
Here are the steps to drop-dead, glamour je ne sais quoi, absolutely fantabulous eyes with falsies.

What you’ll need:
Draft free location
Lashes, individual flare
Pointed tweezers – (Tweezerman brand is a good choice)
Mirror (2x is good)
Lash glue (black)
Eyelash curler
Eyelash comb
Makeup remover
Sharp scissors
Cotton swabs or makeup removal pads
Lashes must be applied to clean dry lashes. Clean eyes/lashes with makeup remover to clean any traces of eye makeup and mascara.
Use and eyelash curler to give your own lashes a little curvature.
Clip false lashes to the desired length.
Put a small (pea-sized) amount of lash glue on the back of your hand.
Pick up tip and dip flare into glue, begin with a minimal amount.
Wait about 30 seconds before applying while the glue sets up (gets tacky).
With a steady hand, apply tip as close to your lash line as possible hold the tip in place with the tweezer for a couple seconds to ensure secure adhesion.
Following its natural curve start, from the outer corner of your eye and work your way in toward the bridge of your nose.
Continue to apply flares until you are satisfied with the results.
Tips for extended wear:
Go big for a good adhesive. A good adhesive will keep the bond longer than a dollar store brand. Do not allow water to contact newly applied lashes for at least a couple of hours while the glue sets. Water may compromise the bond of the glue.
Comb through with an eyelash comb to ensure no lashes are sticking together.
Use a specially formulated coating mascara for eyelash extensions. Extension coating mascaras extends the life of your false lashes. You can use a regular water soluble mascara but repeated use of mascara breaks down the bond of the glue and will shorten the life of the application.
Creams, lotions and makeup removers with oil may loosen the bond of your lashes, shortening the life of the bond of your lashes.

Keeping it Almost Real
Use a liquid liner to line your eye to add heighten drama and to hide false lash line.
Do not apply lashes that are more than 1/3 of an inch if you are going for a glamorous but natural look.
Clip lashes if necessary to create subtle variation in the length of individual lashes.
Using a makeup remover and a warm compress, take your time to gently remove lashes. Do not pull lashes off. You may pull out your own lashes or rip your skin.

There are high fashion lashes available in stores and online. Shu Uemura and have a variety of attention getting lashes available that add drama and includes rhinestone studded, glitter banded, feather lashes.

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Very good instructions, if I wore eyelashes, you've made applying seem simple. Thanks